Just to start, did you know PearlHelp is going to develop a South Waterfront website someday? Well, yes. We currently own South-Waterfont.com and plan to make it a full directory site to the up in coming neighborhood. Stay tuned. Please note: If you visit the site now, you’ll find nothing. Oh yeah, we also own a domain name for Sellwood and John’s Landing. Cheers!

Anyway, the U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement is being held up. Apparently the residents of the South Waterfront don’t like idea of illegal aliens being held in their neighborhood for a small period of time. Illegal aliens could not be held longer than 12 hours, at this location. So what’s holding them up now? The city approved the plans but called for a condition use permit for the jail cells. The permit has been appealed and we’re waiting for the hearing on 9:30am, Wednesday, July 6.

[via Portland Business Journal]

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