Finding affordable housing can be difficult, especially in an expensive neighborhood like the Pearl District, right? Wrong! Despite popular belief, there are a number of affordable buildings in the Pearl District. During the planning stages of the Pearl District, Portland required a number of income-restricted housing units to be built, ensuring that the Pearl District could be livable on a budget. Currently, there five buildings built with subsidies, and one with none.


Affordable Housing in the Pearl District, the Concept

It’s very simple: create diversity. Diversity is what makes the Pearl District such a vibrant neighborhood. Perhaps the most glaring misconception of the Pearl District is that the entire population consists of wealthy residents. The five affordable buildings in the area have income restrictions: residents cannot earn more than $30k-$42k per year, depending on the building. Quality, affordable urban living arrangements have become hot commodities in recent years, and Portland’s Pearl District wants to make sure that dream is accessible to as many residents as possible.


How to find the best Affordable Housing in the Pearl District

Availability of units is the deciding factor in finding good housing, so check out the neighborhood frequently. The most accurate recommended way to find available units is to call the building’s leasing office directly. HousingConnections is a fantastic web resource for finding your Pearl District home. Though PearlHelp gets many inquiries regarding openings, we do not communicate directly with leasing offices or agencies.


Building Overivews, and MFI

Below is a directory of the Pearl District’s current affordable housing. All buildings accept residents based on income restrictions. The most commons tiers are as follows: 50% MFI, roughly $26,000 per year; 60% MFI, roughly $31,000 per year; and 80% MFI, roughly $41,000 per year. (But we always recommend checking with leasing offices for the most up-to-date information.)



Lovejoy Station Apartments in the Pearl District

Lovejoy Station has one of the highest income restrictions in the Pearl District, and features some of the most unique units in the neighborhood. Lovejoy Station offers both 60% MFI and 80% MFI restrictions. All units are clean and spacious, with 1-2 bedroom units featuring cozy balconies overlooking the city. Gym and Laundry facilities are available onsite (sorry, no Tan). Car and bike parking slots are available on request.


Ramona Apartments in the Pearl District

Ramona was designed with families in mind. They have everything from studios to three bedroom apartments. Income limits for the Ramona fall under the 60% MFI guidelines. This award winning community has laundry facilities on every floor, community gathering spaces, and a secure urban playground. Car and bike parking slots are available on request.


Sitka Apartments in the Pearl District

The highly desirable Sitka  building is currently accepting applicants for its waiting list. Studio and 1-2 bedroom units are featured at Sitka. They restrict on 50% MFI and 60% MFI (contact the office for full details). Vacant units are clean, and all units are regularly well-maintained. Car and bike parking slots are available on request.


Pearl Court Apartments in the Pearl District

Pearl Court is historically the oldest, most affordable building in the Pearl District (but purportedly has cleanliness issues, including reported pests).


Yards at Union Station Apartments in the Pearl District

Yards is a large community situated slightly out of the Pearl. The complex has studios and one & two bedroom apartments. The last phase of development is currently underway, so new apartments will be available soon. Yards accepts 50% MFI, 60% MFI,80% MFI, and 100%, though 60% MFI seems to be the most commonly accepted MFI. Contact the leasing office for details. Car and bike parking slots are available on request.



In Conclusion

I find these buildings to be a huge benefit to the community, by bringing diversity. I have personally lived in one of these buildings, and I can say it was an excellent value. I’m happy to answer any questions in the comments below.



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