Pearl District developer, Bob Ball, plans to raise $200,000 through social media to save the Mounted Patrol Unit. The Mounted Patrol Unit is a a group of Portland Police officers patrolling on horseback. Often patrolling only the downtown urban area, the officers have a particularly better advantage over standard foot patrol, it’s their height. Because the horses are tall, officers are able to conduct a more thorough patrol.

This isn’t the first time the unit has come close to the chopping block. Back in 2010 the city nearly cut the entire department, it would’ve included closing the horse stables in the Pearl District. During that round of donations, Bob Ball donated an undisclosed amount.

Besides Bob Ball’s donation efforts, Maxson Hay is donating a year’s supply of hay valued at about $15,000. According to the company’s website, Maxson Hay, strives for weed-free Wheat Stray and Orchard Grass hay.

Staffing the police horses is another issue. According to Police chief Mike Reese, the money for officer staffing will come from police vacancies. Also, instead of the typical six horseback unit, it’ll be reduced to four.


Image via: Flickr

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  1. Mike Hooper

    Worth while effort to keep a unit that is valuable to the community strong and supported.