Trees, shops, and light poles are all decorated in Portland’s Pearl District for the annual 2013 Holiday season. The centerpiece of it all, Jamison Square, went live last night at about 6:30 PM.

Jamison Square is decorated all around. While children are counting down to summer, the fountain is turned off for the Holiday lighting display, the square looks ready for this years Holiday season. Counting down last night from 6:30 PM, the square ended up a bright masterpiece: a custom build mega tree covered in LED white lights. (See photos in video.) The tree shines the neighboring retailers and condos with pride, as it brings lots of Holiday cheer.

“I really like this tree lighting event, because it’s low key for the kids,” – a Pearl District resident said.

The park is well decorated throughout. Near the Jamison restaurant and Christopher David, the pathway thruway is lined full of trees decked out in LED lights.  Just near by stood the Mounted Police Unit, a division of Portland’s police officers riding horses, they allowed children and adults to pet the horses.

The Holidays lights are scheduled to be up until early January, so stop by and see the show.

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  1. Shilo Rune 96

    Did anyone notice the star lit up first?

  2. Smart Real Estate

    What an awesome video! We wanted to share this beautiful picture we captured on a walk the other night in Jamison Square with you! Thank you for sharing this video 🙂 — Laura_Smart Real Estate |