If you’re walking your dog in the Pearl District, make sure you bring a baggie to pick up after your pooch.  Some members of the neighborhood are fed up with people who don’t pick up after their animals.  They’re trying to initiate a program that goes after those who don’t pick up after their pets.

According to NWCN.com, residents recently spent $10,000 building 16 pet stations with bags and trashcans to make cleanup simple, but not everyone seems to be paying any mind to the trashcans.  Evidence can be found in the grass, in the flowerbeds, and all over the sidewalks.

The neighborhood association is preparing a defense.  They want to go after violators with what Jan Valentine of the Pearl District Neighborhood Association calls “pooch patrols.”  The people in the “pooch patrols” will confront violators about not cleaning up after their pets and hopefully persuade them to clean up from now on.

Neighbors are worried about living in a sanitary neighborhood that doesn’t stink, and with good reason.  Jan Valentine and the Pearl District Neighborhood Association are taking volunteers for their “pooch patrol.”  They want anyone who is interested to help keep the neighborhood clean.

If you’re walking your dog in the Pearl District, make sure to bring your own baggie, or use one of the bags provided in the area, to clean up after your pet’s waste.  It’s certainly common courtesy, and the residents of the Pearl District would certainly appreciate it.  If you live in the Pearl District, even more reason to clean up after yourself, or at least that’s what the neighborhood association would say.

Whether the problem is coming from residents of the district or people walking through the neighborhood, the solution is clear—“pooch patrol.”  So clean up your animal’s waste unless you want the “pooch patrol” to come after you.  Let’s keep the Pearl District clean so we can all enjoy it.

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