Greetings PearlHelp visitors,

Today I am so thankful for the success this site has. To give back to, I would like to offer a sneak peak into some future updates. Most importantly, all businesses will get a description; this will typically be a one to two paragraph summary of what the place is all about. I feel this will allow PearlHelp visitors faster and more accurate decisions on dining out, finding a new home, or buying new furniture. Next, we are currently searching for a urban real estate broker. The broker will help us get live real estate listings on PearlHelp, this data is called IDX Data. With this, visitors will be able to view both condo profiles and condos for sale in that building. We may also be exploring the idea of a website search. Stay tuned.
You may have already noticed the new homepage layout. The icon based navigation provides a sleek way – for new and returning visitors – to get to your destination quick. You can expect more updates like this. Interactive webpages are my biggest goal.
PearlHelp Owner & Developer

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