Boora Architects has been confirmed to be the designer behind the Pearl District’s North Point Tower project. Hoyt Street Properties is the lead developer behind this project.  Previously we wrote a design competition was taking place, however, it was apparent Boora was always leading this competition. Architectural illustrator Sccott Baumberger wrote online, “Hoyt has hired Boora Architects for the job and so this is the current design direction.” We look forward to hearing more about this developing project.

The current design, subject to change, would be the Pearl District’s tallest building yet at 338 feet and 29 floors. Lots of outdoor space as well natural wood surfaces are the tower’s showcase. The site is surrounded by parks, and sits adjacent to Tanner Springs Park and the new Fields Park.

The question still arises whether or not this will be condos or apartments. Local residents fear it’ll cause over saturation  to the rental market.




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