With the Pearl District’s massive amount of restaurants to choose from, one might be overwhelmed. Often we need a quick place to grab a bite, but where? Finding a tasty and healthy quick-eat can be very difficult.


Little Big Burger

What Little Big Burger has to offer is classic slider style burgers, carefully oiled fries, and root beer floats. All burgers are made with 1/4 lb. of cascade natural beef, local brioche buns, local Tillamook cheese, organic veggies, and the house camden’s catsup. They serve delicious veggie burgers as well. The menu is very small in size, but less is more! For sides (as mentioned above) you can get floats, soda, and fries. The burgers are made to cook for your preference, and usually takes about 10 – 15 minutes cook. If you’re looking for seating, expect to wait a bit… usually the shop can be quite full, but getting it to-go is an option.

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Hot Lips Pizza

Looking for a tasty slice of pizza on the go? Hot Lips has such an assortment of pizzas you can’t go wrong. Hot Lips takes being fresh serious, you’ll never find old pizzas sitting out and they make sure to top off all slices with a nuke back in the oven. Hot Lips will have pizzas for meat lovers, veggie lovers, vegan lovers, and weekly specials lovers. You could make your own pizza, but that take some time. Usually getting in and out of Hot Lips is quick, and takes about 15 minutes in total. Hot Lips delivers to homes and offices around Portland, and you may even order beer + wine now! They have also become famous for their soda line, with flavors like raspberry, blackberry, and pear. All the sodas are available at the Pearl District restaurant.

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Hawaiian Time

With Hawaiian Time you’re defiantly trading a quality seating environment for good food. It’s a classic bento-hawiaan style quick-eat, but seriously delicious. The mac salad is to die for, and what is any better than yummy rice and tender meat? They serve legit fruit sodas directly from Hawaii. The cost is minimal and the time needed is about 20 minutes in total. Most say the Kalua Pork and Sriracha is the best on the menu, but the classic teriyaki chicken is good too. This is a total ‘drive-up’ atmosphere with small amounts of seating inside. It’s offered refereed to the place to “fill-up on Hawaiian food,” because the building was a former gas station.

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Yeah, Subway! Even though Subway is a nation wide chain restaurant it’s still a quick-eat in the Pearl District. Stop by and order a sandwich to your liking with every ingredient you prefer. The bread is baked daily and the sandwich makings are freshly prepared. This Subway is usually mellow and takes about 20 minutes in total at lunch time.

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With these Pearl District Quick-Eat’s I hope you can get by! They’re some of my favorites… but we all have favorites. 🙂


Photos Via: Foodie Review PDXSubway, and Continumm Photography

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