SERA Architects – the lead designer behind the future Pearl District hotel – presented early designs last week to the Portland design Commission. Commissioner Katherine Shultz had lot’s of feedback on the design, saying, “My first reaction is that I’m struggling with it and I’m trying to figure out why.”

Architect Walker Templeton from SERA wants to introduce something new to the neighborhood, where currently lot’s of dark brick, beige, steel and glass is used. The yellow facade may be what concerns city commissioners. Templeton went on to say he was inspired by lively buildings around the world that present themselves in various boldly shaped sizes.

The design includes 225 rooms, six levels, or 170,000 square feet in total. The Hotel lacks a parking garage in the design but would utilize the nearby SmartPark owned by the City of Portland. The two have already discussed plans on longterm leases totaling $100,000 per year.

Neighbors near the site at Northwest 9th and Marshall spoke out about the facades color and the structure possibly blocking views. The block was originally anticipated to be developed into a commercial building by Hoyt Street Properties. It was slated as a “future mixed-use tower” in the Hoyt master plan. The tower would’ve been considerably taller, so this is quite the compromise for residents already.


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[via The DJC Blog]

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