Our site is growing everyday, and without the help of others we couldn’t keep up. That’s why we recommend Pearl District business owners claim their listing. Claiming your listings gives you the ability to update things yourself. With a simple log-in and password; you gain the ability to change text, photos, contact info, social networking info, and even special offers. Follow the instructions at the bottom of this article to learn more.


Pearl District Business Owners benefit SEO

With our listings Pearl District business owners get more search engine optimzation (SEO) exposure. By filling in more content you’re giving search engines a bigger scope on how important your business really is. Getting incoming links is also important, so all our listings provide the option for a website link back to your business page. By updating your content regularly, you’ll also notice a bump in your rank.


Extend your Total Reach

Improving site analytics, social reach, and phone calls? Our listings provide fields for all that and more. The more the better. The most important number to me as a web entrepreneur is the total reach. And I believe a listing on PearlHelp extends your total reach.


Get Featured

Contact us in between March 17th, 2013 and March 22nd, 2013, and we’ll feature your business for just $20/month. Featuring your business gets your listing on the homepage, and instead of being listed alphabetically you get bumped to the top.


How do I claim my Listing?

  • Navigate to your listing page
  • Click, “Own this business?”
  • Fill in the fields
  • PearlHelp staff will review your request and verify ownership in 24-48 hours

Please note: The fastest way for us to verify ownership is by using the business email account. For example, say you own Little Big Burger, use your company email like Depending on the business, we may give you a call to verify ownership.



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