The Portland Bureau of Transportation says the bollards, recently installed on the Lovejoy Ramp, are a test and could just be temporary. PearlHelp went out for some photos today and noticed some had already taken some damage.

The purpose of these bollards is to detour drivers from driving in the bike lane. Dan Anderson of PBOT, via Bike Portland says, “Engineers and the public have seen people drive move closer to the bike lane and into the lane to avoid driving on the streetcar tracks.” In other words, people avoid the new streetcar tracks by driving in the bike lane. The bollards will help prevent this from happening.

Have they already failed? Anderson also goes on to mention, “many of the short wands have been knocked down.” He says this is only a test and could evolve into the solution, here in the Pearl District, or even other places around the city.

If drivers can understand the the danger in driving in the bike lane, this could all be avoided. Time will tell.




[via Bike Portland]

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