The Pearl District plans to open a new apartment building at 1415 NW 12th Avenue.  This building will be 75 feet tall with 177 apartments and one level of below-grade parking for 164 vehicles.  The parking lot also contains multi-vehicle parking machines.  The building will be U-shaped with a central landscaped courtyard and faux loading dock facing NW 13th Avenue.

The outside of the building will be finished with brick and cement board panels, vinyl windows, mental canopies, integrated vents and louvers, decorative precast concrete and glass tile elements, metal fencing, and various courtyard furnishings, according the proposal.

One modification is being requested—that the area of required ground floor windows on all sides of the building be reduced.  This modification is based on the floor hazard requirements.  Another modification is being requested to allow wider oriel windows at the larger projecting bays.

The proposal for the apartment building must comply with Portland Zoning Code.  The Land Use Review applications will be reviewed under the regulations to be complete May 22, 2010.  The application was filed February 10, 2012.

The apartment building will be called The Parker Apartments.  All service and technical review agencies are being notified currently for their input on the proposal.  The Neighborhood Associations will also receive the proposal via e-mail.

A public hearing is scheduled before the Design Commission tentatively Thursday, July 12, 2010 at 1:30 pm.  The apartment building will be owned by Evergreen Galway LLC and Astor Pacific LLC.

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