Erica Laurie’s designs, featured in Northeast Alberta’s boutique Garnish, will soon be available in the Pearl District.  Garnish plans to open another shop at 404 NW 12th St., between Flanders and Glisan, by June, and Erica Laurie’s designs will be featured in the boutique.

Garnish specializes in “easy-wearing dresses and separates that lend themselves to personalization rather than making their own loud statements,” according to the Portland Mercury.

Garnish is currently looking for seamstresses with customer service skills.  According to their Craigslist ad, they’re looking for someone who can begin training in May for a part-time seamstress position.  They are looking for applicants with an experienced hand at sewing and good people skills.  The position will be for one to three days, and the hours will typically be from 9:45 am to 6:15 pm.  Check out their advertisement online for more details and to apply.

our_styleTheir blog describes the interior décor with its custom welded dressing room frames.  The blog also explains how their “list is endless and [they] have plenty of work to do but are excited about [their] beautiful plans for the space.”

As of May 15th, the owners have received the keys to the space and will be working to have it open my June.  Make sure to check it out in the Pearl District this summer for some comfortable dresses and other high-quality designer wear.

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