A design request was submitted regarding the Pearl District’s biggest upcoming project, North Point Tower. The applicant, Hoyt Street Properties, seeks four zoning changes for the project. Some further design features were also slightly revealed.

The biggest zoning change would be in the height. The request seeks a lift from 225 feet to 350 feet. In an effort to enjoy the area’s newest park, the Fields Neighborhood Park, the design request critically notes how the building’s height could effect over shadowing the park.  Hoyt purposes a skinnier, but taller building (instead of wider and shorter building). The purposed North Point Tower floor-plate is estimated to be 8,000 square feet; a building floor plate is basically how much it occupies on that block. The applicant and representative both explained their concerns, “The shadow cast by the proposed 350’- tall building casts a shadow on Fields Park that is more than what would be cast by a tower that is 225’-tall, which is the maximum allowed by the Zoning Code.” They seek the 350′ tower design. Depending on the public’s support, Hoyt could be back to the drawing board. Without the zoning change, Hoyt would either have to shrink the height and literally make the tower fatter or lessen the number of floors substantially. Having a skinny and taller tower casts a less shadow on the park, so in this instance Hoyt is purposing a good zoning change.

Other minor zoning changes were requested like ground level retail window height, and less retail in general.

Additional design details emerged, like how the building will house about 250 bike parking spaces and 173 vehicle spaces. The request also reassured us our previous predictions; 28 floors, 153 units, ground-level retails, and building terraces on lower levels. The above rendering was also made available.

Pearl District North Point Tower Gallery:


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