The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has fined Hoyt Street Properties $4,941. Hoyt owns the property at Northwest Quimby Street and 12th Avenue, which Hoyt Street recently allowed Cavalia Inc. to use for a horse themed circus. Unwashed gravel sediment was placed on the 9 acre site. The press release says, “where it likely could enter the city of Portland’s stormwater system and get carried into the Willamette River.”

Cavalia Inc. hosted their famous international circus at the location over the last two months. Cavalia did not return contact with PearlHelp to comment. The site was inspected by DEQ in late October 2011, and the circus event took place from November 16 – January 2.

This is the second time Hoyt Street has been fined in the last 30 days. You may remember the surface parking lot scam they have been running.


Update: Photos added of the site. See below.

[via DEQ Press Release]

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