Sisters 4 Survivors, “a Portland area-based nonprofit that provides resources, events and assistance for women suffering from breast cancer,” according to, teams up with Bonnet Boutique to raise money for women with cancer.

Bonnet Boutique sits at 412 N.W. 11th Ave.  This First Thursday, May 3rd, for every $75 spent at the shop that evening, $15 in hats will be donated to Sisters 4 Survivors.  Sisters 4 Survivors will put the money in their hat bank for women with cancer.

Sisters 4 Survivors was started by a cancer survivor named Tonya Priestly, who thought of the idea for the organization while waiting for her daughters to get out of school one day after she had both of her breasts removed.  She worked (and still works) as a medical equipment saleswoman, and therefore she decided to use her connections to the medical world to help other women.

She’s bringing this helping spirit straight into the Pearl District on May 3, when you can walk into Bonnet Boutique, find a one-of-a-kind hat, and help give money to women with cancer.  They have chosen Bonnet Boutique for this First Thursday celebration/fundraiser in order to contribute “beautiful hats to the…hat bank so women can feel beautiful and empowered no matter what!” says the Sisters 4 Survivors website.

The goal of the fundraiser is to allow “women with breast cancer the opportunity to pick out hats without financial burden,” according to their blog.

When you’re out in the Pearl District this First Thursday, May 3rd, don’t forgot to stop into the hat shop Bonnet Boutique and empower women with cancer through their unique and large selection of hats for any kind of person, occasion, or weather.  You can look good while helping out women with cancer.  So join Sisters 4 Survivors and Bonnet Boutique this First Thursday and help empower women with cancer.

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