Vera’s Burger Shack, a Vancouver, BC-based burger chain, plans to expand into the U.S. and its two first locations are slated for Portland — the press release indicates one will be located in the Pearl District. The 2,500 square foot space is expected to open in fall 2011. Paul Brown, a Portland area businessman, visited Vancouver, BC recently where he discovered the burger and frozen yogurt chain.

Vera’s current operates 16 locations throughout the Vancouver, BC area. Apparently the company has received many offers over the years for a U.S. location but until recently declined. Brown presented a unique amount of enthusiasm during the meetings that lead Vera’s to sign a 3 year deal. The agreement calls for five restaurants in total of 3 years.

This will provide direct competition towards the Pearl’s popular Little Big Burger. Speaking of Little Big Burger… it’s official they’ll be expanding the Eugene after all. Catch the story on The Oregon Daily Emerald.


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