Freedom Center 1 could be the Pearl’s next mixed-use building, the design panel is working around the clock to complete the plans by October. The site, in between NW 14th and 15th avenues on NW Pettygrove Street, would occupy the rest of the block where the current Overton project nears completion. The developers at this time wish to remain anonymous but have a tight budget in these hard economic times. The architectSteve Fosler says, “The developer wanted a design that could be financed and built in the current economic climate.” Steve replied, “which leaves you with money to build a shoe box,” the project is three 50 x 100 feet buildings. “We reinvented the shoebox,” Steve later explained.

NW Pettygrove has long been the idea of the first Portland Green Street. It’s designed to have 20 foot wide sidewalks and no parking for four blocks. The project is to embrace bicycling & public transportation alternatives.

Freedom Center 1 will provide affordable studio apartments and ground level retail; all at an affordable cost. Marketing is suspected to be aimed towards students studying in the Pearl District.


[via Neighborhood Notes]

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